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Heroes Academy is one of the premiere teaching facilities for reality-based self defense, martial arts, and personal safety in Alabama. We service Birmingham, Trussville, and the Clay communities. We do this through a variety of course offerings including mixed martial arts, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW), Heroes Kids Classes, and our newest offering, Defence Lab. We also offer private instruction for those that have challenging schedules or want to compete professionally and work on certain skills.

Our Mission

We inspire the Heroic Mindset by providing the very best training methods for self protection and overall fitness through group classes and private training. We educate our people to be aware of the things that go bump in the night, and when necessary, teach them to effectively bump back.

Newest Program

Civilian Tactical (C-Tac) is one of Heroes Martial Arts Academy's newest reality-based systems. C-Tac is a program designed to meet the needs of the professional adult that wants to be prepared for any potential violent or dangerous encounter in today's changing world. It is a non-sport, reality based, street focused self defense system. It's tactics are based on a socially acceptable force continuum.


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If you would like to join our team, we would love for you to come by the gym and try a complimentary class.

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